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The Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services as part of the SERVIR West Africa consortium a subset of the SERVIR Global is monitoring the unsustainable tree cutting due to Charcoal production in the West Gonja and Sene Districts.
This decision was made a stake holders workshop by SERVIR West Africa after it came to bear that charcoal production methods do not contribute to equitable comprehensive livelihood in the West Gonja and Sene districts but they pose negative consequences of unsustainable land use such as loss of biodiversity, soil fertility loss, decreased productivity and soil erosion on the ecosystem. Poverty increases when rural resources are exhausted as a result, rural folks migrate to cities in search of jobs. Poor air quality on account of burning woodfuel also causes pollution and others.
In view of this a monitoring system will be developed to help promote sustainable charcoal production in the above mentioned districts

Various institution partnering in capacity and resources to ensure the succes of this initiative. They include

  • • Forestry commission has data and can assist in training.
  • • A Rocha has data and can assist in training.
  • • Solidaridad has data and can provide training services.
  • • EPA has data and can assist in information dissemination.
  • • District Assemblies can assist in dissemination of information.
The expected outcome of this initiative includes
  • • Improved use of technology for sustainable charcoal production
  • • Use of alternative wood residues and waste for charcoal production.
  • • Increased forest/ vegetation cover.
  • • Achieve INDC (Intended Naturally Determined Contribution) for Ghana
  • • Increase efficiency in energy use.

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