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GHEMMS is a web-based spatial database application that will assist the legislative arm of government and its partners in monitoring and evaluating development activities in Ghana
This application is able to deliver.

  • 1. GIS-driven harmonized spatial database of geo-coded settlement locations, environmental and social infrastructure linked to associated descriptive data for 30 pilot Districts;
  • 2. Web-based GIS database and map production system for access by the Office of Parliament, Members of Parliament, and other sector MDAs (with information on development projects).
  • 3. Enhanced capacity of the Parliamentary Service staff in the use of GIS database for spatial analysis and map generation for evidence-based oversight (monitoring and evaluation) activities.

The application data visualization module also consist of three (3) main views;

  • i. Interactive Mapping View
    To take full advantage of the GPS coordinates and the GIS technology embedded in the data collected on the projects, The interactive mapping view offer visual pinpoint location of projects across the districts which can be printed or interrogated to show more details at various zoom extent and other user driven actions (mouse- click, mouse hover, double-click, etc.). Pictures and more project details can also be exposed by similar user interaction at the map area.

  • ii. Project Dashboard View
    The project dashboard view allows a more structured approach for viewing project details and associated summaries. It also allows for filtering and creating queries and comparisons. The main visualization tools employed are charts and tables with colour differentiations to portray meaning. You are able to compare development by region, district, and constituency. It allows you to view data thematically in a more structured approach as shown below

  • iii. Reporting View
    The obvious importance of the system is to be able to generate report from the system to augment the reporting functions of M & E teams monitoring and evaluating the success of projects. This page therefore allow thematic reports to be generated.

Templates have been designed but there's always the flexibility for the user to generate other reports of choice. Beyond generating reports users can also download the extensive attribution of the projects for further analyses beyond the capabilities of the web platform.

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