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BaSIS - Basic Sanition Information System is a decentralised M & E sanitation system developed to aid in the implementation of the CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) at both sub-national and national levels. The system is basically built to populate data collected from approved sources based on some sanitation index in the form of maps, charts and tables.
BaSIS on varying levels of usage would easily aid policy makers, governments, investors in decision-making. As the system presents to users a more-visualised appproach to viewing sanitation data, further analysis could as well be carried out properly.

BaSIS is a UNICEF initiative powered by the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS)

The system has mapping capabilities which includes

  • • Community maps showing households and latrine types distribution with pictures of latrines.
  • • Interact with map by popping up additional community, household, latrine, school, health facility
  • • District level mapping of other indicators computed on BaSIS.
  • • Work at any scope of interest (Region, district or community).
It also has dashboard features that allows for
  • • Automatic SMS prompts to facilitators.
  • • Measure periodic performance with district targets.
  • • Alerts on district field facilitator follow up visits trends and performance.
  • • Access to raw district baseline and progress data (data export capabilities)
And Reporting capabilities such as
  • • Report filtering based on periods (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  • • Summary Statistical (Tabular and Graphical reports on key indicators).
  • • Report generation at different scope (Regional, district or community).
  • •Template reports for reporting standardization across district.

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